Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How To Makeup Your Lips

 Perfection is something that almost every woman weights. There is also a perfectionist that almost every woman wants to achieve during her makeup.

  It is known that makeup involves a process in which we tend to hide flaws on our face and highlight the advantages.
  Perfection here is possible only if you have enough knowledge and you know how to apply that knowledge. So before you start with makeup should be kept in mind that there are a small number of people who have perfect features on their faces. 

make up lips

  Also, there are very few women who have the perfect shape of their lips, which does not need a lot of work. Lips can be thinner or fuller, and depending on their shape depends on which way you will do make up.

  For all esteemed ladies who have smaller lips, and want to make them a little bigger there are a few helpful tips that can help. First of all it is necessary to take a lip liner and with light strokes to draw the shape.
  The make up pen should be with lighter color same as the lipstick. So for all those ladies who have thinner lips, you should use a little brighter tone. Avoid dark colors like dark red. 

thinner lips make up

  Full lips are an advantage, and many women who do not have them go to cosmetic surgery in order to get what nature did not give them. All women included in this category are very much aware of its benefits.

  But there can also be found ladies who want to slightly reduce their lips.
This is possible with a little lighter shade of lipstick. Avoid glosses and primarily pens because they will just emphasize the fullness of your lips. Matte lipstick is the best solution in this situation. 

All other women who love their full lips and do not want them to look smaller feel free to relax and play with colors. Sometimes they can wear a little darker colors, and sometimes brighter.


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